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LCA and IE

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Life Cycle Assessment is a unique tool that allows firms to assess the environmental impact of goods and service from the beginning to the end of the production cycle, also known as cradle to grave. This allows the firm to quantify relevant material and energy inputs/outputs and the potential environmental impact of each. In the case of IE and sustainable development the use and proliferation of LCA within domestic industries would aid in the transition to the low-carbon economies of tomorrow.

Federal government have a central role in setting policies that ensure this low-carbon future and can use LCA as a tool to minimize environmental damage while maximizing utility.  This is achieved primarily through the creating external controls and boundary conditions.

1. Within the system boundary of the public sector and all the services involved ( waste disposal, public schools, roads sanitation) As a federal policy the government can exert external control by making all public institutions and services to undertake LCAs to ensure sustainability goals. 2. This can be done over a period of years to allow a transition toward stricter regulations. This would be complimented by a larger Environmental Protection ministry with LCA professionals who would enforce the rules and teach LCA to the various aspects of the public sector.

Within the private sector the government has the central role of setting regulations that companies must adhere to. 3. To encourage private businesses to utilize LCA within their development of their products and services government can give tax incentives in the beginning to encourage use, later change the policy to making it mandatory within a 10-15 year period.

4. Alternatively, the government can influence private business through subversive campaigns from nonprofits to encourage self governance.

It is my personal belief that companies by and large exist to make money and would rather spend less money than more, to maximize profit and will only comply with regulations if they are federally mandated.


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November 22, 2012 at 9:39 pm

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