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Isreali Coalition Government Threatened with Collapse

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Israel’s Labor Party has threatened to leave Israel’s  coalition government if negotiations with Palestine do no resume soon, according to cabinet minister Avishay Braverman

Negotiations with Palestine have come to a halt since the freeze on settlement construction has expired. Braveman has implored President Obama to become involved more intimately involved in the peace negotiations to spur a resolution to this 60 year conflict.

“Netanyahu has to make a very tough choice, but leadership is about tough choices, making tough decisions,” said Braverman. “For Netanyahu the game is now. He has to choose between sustaining political equilibrium to survive, or changing it to make history … It’s an act of bravery.”

This conflict has been ongoing for many decades and it is silly to think that the problems between the two states have continued to this day. When Britain relinquished its control of the area after WWII, they were determined to create two states, one arab and one jewish that were equal. Israel’s existence was threatened on multiple occasions and because of that  generation of hyper-nationalistic individuals have grown and now occupy public offices.

At the current state, the IDF controls what goes inside and out of Palestine, as proven by the attacks on protestors of the Israel blockade of the country. If a country cannot be free because the Palestinians people intrinsically pose an existential threat to Israel’s existence, how can the Isreali-Palistinian conflict ever be solved?

Israel deserves the right to protect itself, but it doesn’t give it the right to control the lives of anyone. Hopefully this threat to dismantle the coalition government will spur a swifter resolution to the quagmire of the Middle East.


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November 1, 2010 at 2:40 am

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