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The Price Of Bias

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On Planet Money they discuss how even though we view the media as becoming more partial, those outlets that are known to be partial are nowhere near as bad as newspapers were in the past.

Newspapers we very open about their political leanings in the mid 1800’s  and were openly biased, accepting political contributions and writing stories in hopes of winning government contracts.

The main reason for this was the fact newspapers were printed on cloth until the invention of the wood pulp  in the 1860’s. The price of newspapers went down and the readership went up. The number of newspapers boomed, and because they had a larger reading base it was more economical for papers to appeal to their readers needs: more unbiased reporting instead of political banter.

It seems since newspapers are losing readership to the internet, blogs are becoming more popular. Instead of relying on a stoic regiment of newspapers that were claimed to be the “record of truth”, people have the internet to search for the news they want to read, instead of the news they need to read.

Furthermore, since a large number of us don’t even reads anymore, media outlets like CNN , MSNBC, FOX, etc, must rely on flashy graphics and now degrade news to a lewd form entertainment, disregarding certain news stories to focus on others that are more “appealing” to their viewership.

It it also important to point out that the philosophy of free might over take media and turn make them more biased of a beast them they were before.

We can only hope.


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October 10, 2010 at 9:09 pm

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