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Snow White and the Seven Mercenaries?

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It recent years it has come to the attention of certain government watch dogs and distressed individuals that The United States government has increased its reliance on private military contractors( PMCs), or Mercenaries. The company that has supplied the majority of these PMCs to the Defense Department is the infamous private security firm called Xe (formerly known as Blackwater before the company had to change its name after some of their employees killed 17 unarmed civilians in Iraq, known as the Nisour Square massacre).

According to documents recently obtained by The Nation, Xe has not only provided security, training, and intelligence services to the US and foreign governments, but they have also assisted several multinational corporations, including but not limited to Monsanto, Chevron, The Walt Disney Company, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

Xe’s services were contracted by two shell companies owned by Blackwater’s former owner and founder, Erik Prince, called Total Intelligence and Terrorism Research Center (TRC).

One  startling detail that was revealed is that Xe sough to become the “intel arm” of Monsanto (the world’s largest supplier of genetically modified seeds) offering  to proviide operatives that would infiltrate activist groups organzing against their firm. Disney hired TI and TRC to do “threat assessment” for potential film shoot locations in morocco.

It is distressing to think that in the 21 century, corporations and national governments are increasing their reliance on private intelligence agencies with private armies. Their role in international events has become more ingrained and only have one real ally: money. These organizations provide services to the highest bidder, and instead of relying on our own intelligence agencies we empower private multinationals who can act beyond the realm of the Geneava convention, as long as they can get away with it.



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September 24, 2010 at 5:47 pm

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  1. First of all, you roped me in with the Disney theme. I love Disney and can recite all of the songs, and yes… you disappointed me a little. But on topic, I met an ex-mercenary this summer while working at a restaurant. He would always come in and tell me stories (I don’t even know if they are allowed to) and, while I didn’t particularly care for anything but the large tip at the end of his visit, he had some pretty nasty things to tell that didn’t seem to phase him at all to talk about. His lack of empathy astounished me, and the way he did things was incredibly inhumane in my opinion. I don’t support the way our government handles a lot of issues, but this was by far eye-opening for me.


    September 24, 2010 at 6:55 pm

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